Tips & Gifts Policy


At The Nail Boutique, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of fairness, respect, and appreciation among our valued staff members.

We recognize that tips and gifts are expressions of gratitude from our cherished customers for the outstanding service provided by our dedicated staff. We appreciate our customers’ generosity and willingness to recognize our staff’s hard work and dedication.

This policy is established to guide our customers in the fair and appropriate allocation of tips and gifts to staff members.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that tips and gifts are distributed fairly and equitably among our team members.

Tipping and Gifting are entirely voluntary acts by our customers and are greatly appreciated by our staff and the company.

Customers are not obligated to provide tips or gifts.


  • Cash tips can be given directly to the staff member(s).
  • If customers wish to leave a collective cash tip for multiple staff members, then this cash tip can be handed directly to the staff member(s) or handed to the Cashier on duty, who will distribute it equally amongst the team or as specified by the customer.

Electronic Transfer or POS Transactions

  • In cases where a customer wants to transfer tips or add a tip on top of their bill, such transactions must be paid to the Company’s designated bank account or using the Company’s POS machines for the stated purpose.
  • Such Transfers or POS tips will then be paid via electronic methods from the Company account to allocated staff members on a weekly basis.
  • Managers and Cashiers are strictly prohibited from receiving payments for services or tips into their personal bank accounts.

Non-cash Gifts

  • Non-cash gifts, such as food items or any tangible gift item, can be given directly to the staff member(s) or handed over to the Manager on duty with the name of the staff member(s) to whom such gift should be allocated.

We appreciate your cooperation and support.