Let’s Show You How to Properly Care For Your Cuticles

The bottom edge of your finger or toe has a layer of clear skin called the cuticle.  When new nails emerge from the nail root, the cuticle serves to shield them from bacteria.

The cuticle is the transparent skin located right above and around the nail base. The cuticle’s surrounding area is sensitive. It may become damaged, dry, or diseased. To maintain the health of your nails, it’s crucial to take care of the entire nail area. Let’s show you how!

Illustration of the cuticle and nail

illustration of cuticle and nail.


Clean The Cuticles

It’s crucial to maintain clean cuticles at home as it protects them against infection.

The simplest way to clean them is to give your hand or foot a 10-minute soak in warm, soapy water every few days. This maintains your nails clean and softens the cuticles.

Additionally, moisturizing cream and cuticle oil are good options. Regularly moisturize your cuticles to avoid dryness and cracking.


To Trim The Cuticles

It is unsafe to trim the cuticles as they serve a great purpose to protect the nail bed from inhibiting germs and bacteria. However, if you still wish to trim them, ensure that they are softened first. Follow the first highlighted point to achieve this, then carefully trim them using a nail clip or tweezers. Moisturizer should also be applied if your cuticles are dry. Check out our Hand Moisturizer if you need one.

A good alternative for trimming is to carefully push the cuticle back along the nail bed with a cuticle pusher. Never remove the entire cuticle while trimming hangnails or extra skin. Only the extra skin and hangnails should be removed.

To Avoid Cuticle Damage

Try not to pick at your cuticles. Instead of pulling out or biting off a hangnail, carefully remove it using tweezers or nail clippers. Limit the harsh nail paint and removers you use as well. Use a nail polish remover that doesn’t include acetone.

For Chapped/Cracked Cuticles

The area around the nail bed is extremely fragile. Cuticles frequently peel or break. To moisturize your cuticles, use cuticle oil or moisturizer every day. Vaseline can also be applied overnight to heal chapped cuticles.

Above all, when getting a manicure/ pedicure at a spa/salon, ensure that all pieces of equipment are clean and have undergone sterilization. You can go with your own equipment for better assurance. At The Nail Boutique, you’re sure to get your mani/Pedi done by trained professionals that can handle your nails with utmost care and not hurt or damage your cuticles. Book an appointment with us to have your nails groomed and maintained by the best.

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